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Sport Shirts Australia
Activities : Custom Clothing
Address : 85-87 Railway Parade, 2204 Marrickville - Australia
Phone : 0295506898
Category : Clothing
GPS coordinates : lat: -33.912746 - lng: 151.164581
85-87 Railway Parade, 2204 Marrickville - Australia
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SSA Shirts is a leading supplier of custom schoolwear and sports clothing manufacturer in Australia. We provide a wide assortment of options regarding styles of shirt, with ranges for men, women and children. With exceptional comfort and fitting, we strive to provide the best quality clothing to our customers. Sport Shirts Australia

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Sport Shirts Australia

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Sport Shirts Australia
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Jill Agron (note:9/10) Friday 8 June 2018 - 6:45 PM Je suis d'accord avec cet avis / Cela me choque!

Our retail business just started and we were looking for custom work apparel supplier and found SSA Shirts as the best supplier for our needs. The designing and approving of the bulk order were extraordinarily quick, and the shipment appeared on time. My boss agreed with the affordable price for this choice of picking SSA Shirts. We thank SSA Shirts for such magnificent customised work polos.

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charlie21 (note:9/10) Thursday 7 June 2018 - 5:11 PM 1 Je suis d'accord avec cet avis / Cela me choque!

I looked and found SSA Shirts as the best school uniform supplier for our school games. The alternative of the outline was extraordinarily quick, and the shipment appeared on time. The nature of the uniform material is professionally satisfactory; I felt this choice of picking SSA Shirts was sensible, reliable, and vital. Gathering SSA Shirts for such magnificent school uniforms, our understudies like them to such an extent.

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Alex Watson (note:9/10) Monday 4 June 2018 - 5:04 PM 1 Je suis d'accord avec cet avis / Cela me choque!

I was looking for a school uniform supplier for our high school, I searched and found SSA Shirts for same. They offered a discount on our bulk school uniform order. The option to design & customise was very prompt, and the order appeared on time. The quality and design done very professionally, I felt this deal was affordable, punctual, and impressive. Thanks, team SSA Shirts for such a fantastic school uniforms our kids like them so much.

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charlie21 (note:9/10) Tuesday 3 July 2018 - 12:03 AM Je suis d'accord avec cet avis / Cela me choque!

I am very satisfied with the Quality & price of the “polo shirts” from SSA Shirts I bought them for our drivers of taxi fleet, my cab drivers feel very presentable while driving their cab, I will ask them more for my other official staffs as well from SSA Shirts and Thanks for everything.

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Ruby (note:8/10) Saturday 2 June 2018 - 5:50 PM 1 Je suis d'accord avec cet avis / Cela me choque!

I am impressed with the polo shirt quality & delivery service of SSA Shirts, a few days back I asked them to provide me “Custom embroidered polo shirts “for with my store name on it, it was a branding campaign for our team. SSA Shirts provided my order on time with excellent quality. Thanks, team SSA Shirts.

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charlie21 (note:8/10) Friday 1 June 2018 - 6:23 PM 1 Je suis d'accord avec cet avis / Cela me choque!

Hello, I'm Charlie and own an automobile emergency service station. We wanted to promote our business by wearing customised staff uniforms, so we reached SSA Shirts Australia for “Custom Staff Shirts" that serves as a branding medium for my business while dressed well. From SSA Shirts Australia we were assured that our requirements would provide within the period and cost me affordable, I have to tell they did what they said. Thanks, SSA for being helpful.

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JOHNNY21 Saturday 10 June 2017 - 5:40 PM 2 Je suis d'accord avec cet avis / Cela me choque!

SSA Shirts worked fine for my company. As we provide services, and we decided to wear T-shirts matching with our company logo colour and name on it. Our team designed design online how our t-shirts will look, and it was excellent, and we were well informed about my order status, and delivered before expected date saved my time and money.

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